We're excited to launch!

By Anonymous ; Posted Jul 20, 2017

It is my pleasure to announce the exciting new launch of a service that our team has been developing for the past two years:


Introducing, InOrbis Intercity!


InOrbis Intercity is not only a transportation service, it's an idea borne of an impending technological revolution. For the past 100 years, the internal combustion engine driven automobile has been the only viable method of getting from point A to point B via road. That paradigm is changing with the advent of long-range electric vehicles.  Cars no longer need to expel toxic fumes from their tailpipes and leak carcinogenic hydrocarbons all over the pavement. With the Tesla Model X, 500 km of range on a single charge is easily within reach. This can all be powered from the sun!


Can you make a difference to our world and make travel between Calgary and Edmonton a fun experience? Of course, you can!


InOrbis means "One World" in Latin and we strive to live up to the vision inspired by our name. One world is everything that we have and our mission is to help keep this world an amazing place for everyone.


We conceived InOrbis as a way to make transportation more sustainable, enjoyable and productive. Help us realise this dream by booking with InOrbis today!



Visit InOrbis.ca/book-now to book your trip today!


Wishing you all the best in your future travels,






Rosario Fortugno, Founder and CEO

InOrbis Corporation



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