Our Edmonton Adventure – Traveling with InOrbis Intercity

By Anonymous ; Posted Nov 17, 2017

We planned our trip knowing that we had a lot of work and important meetings on the agenda. But, we also knew that the trip would give us a great opportunity not only to test out the customer experience of our own city-to-city service, but also a chance to spend some quality time together.

Enjoying autopilot and the pre-warmed seats in the Tesla on our way out of Calgary

It was a cool (okay, it was freezing cold) morning, and we were all feeling a bit down about winter’s sudden arrival. However, as soon as the pre-heated Tesla pulled up, it was hard not to cheer up, the feeling of making strides with InOrbis warming us.


The 4 of us piled into the car and made our way to Red Deer. With RJ at the controls and a book in our hands, the hour-and-a-half trip flew by. We stopped briefly to take advantage of the Tesla supercharger at the Sheraton, giving us a chance to indulge in some much-needed breakfast at the hotel’s R&R restaurant.


We used our breakfast stop to recharge the car, our own energy levels, and our team’s bonding – talking about everything from Tesla and their upcoming semi-truck unveiling, to news from around the world. We even talked about our visions for the future, including what kind of leaders the world needs and how we, ourselves, can be better leaders both in general and for our company.

So deep in conversation, we almost forgot the time – but alas, we had a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce in Edmonton. Adding the address to the GPS, we were on our way!


The meeting with Kimberly at the Chamber was motivating for our team and full of interesting information. Following this meeting, we met with several of our City of Edmonton contacts, which, although requiring some waiting and patience, was well worth it. We left with a new partner and new opportunities to originate trips from Edmonton and its surrounding areas like Leduc and St. Albert.


Because we were already downtown, we figured that stopping by some of the local, high-end hotels that have guests who may be interested in our service would be beneficial. We spoke with staff from the Coast Edmonton Plaza hotel, who were especially excited about InOrbis, as they recently installed a Tesla Wall Charger and EV plug into their parkade. We also visited the Fairmont - Hotel MacDonald and the Westin, who were both equally enthusiastic about InOrbis and the potential for their customers to have a better travel experience.


While visiting these hotels, we noticed that parking was quite expensive, and in some cases over $50 per night. Luckily, traveling with InOrbis Intercity will not only save customers from having to pay those steep parking fees, but also avoid the stress of driving and parking.

After a long, productive day, we had worked up quite an appetite. We stopped at Southgate mall where our ride charged at the Supercharger while we made a quick stop at the food court. Recharged, we traveled down the QE2, discussing how happy we were about the success of our trip and the time that we had spent together.


I distinctly remember gazing out the window at the snow-covered trees as we cruised along, and it hit me - this was the future of travel. Not only was I sitting comfortably in the safest SUV on the planet, but in doing so, I was helping preserve the natural environment that makes this province, this country, and this world, so special.

Staring at the pine trees that line much of the QE2 between Calgary and Edmonton

Come join us today. Ride with InOrbis Intercity and make a positive difference.


Book today at InOrbis.ca


We look forward to seeing you on your next trip!




Nalini Mediboina


CMO – InOrbis Intercity



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