Why Are Electric Vehicles Good for the Environment?

By Anonymous ; Posted Dec 04, 2017

Political activism, increased scientific awareness and government intervention have sped up the thinking for consumers looking at upgrading their current vehicle to all-electric. With the growing interest and shift of people moving to electric vehicles to help lower their carbon footprint (and save some money at the pump), we thought it was a good opportunity to discuss why electric vehicles are better not only for the environment but for the individuals who own them.


Data is now availble from different sources showing that electric vehicles are much better in terms of Carbon emissions than their internal combustion counterparts. We are poised to enter a new era – where vehicles are more efficient, safer, and better performing. One company is leading the charge - Tesla continues to be a leader in electrification and is developing vehicles that are not only good for the environment but are the best lineup of EVs currently available. Gone are the days of electric vehicles that are just functional without the style.


Charging stations are becoming more available and accessible to all. Charging your vehicle before could have been an obstacle before but is now easier than ever, with most of the work done at home while we sleep – and at a fraction of the cost of filling up with gas or diesel.


A ton of research has been done in the US and internationally with regards to the environmental impact of Electric Vehicles, however, long-held beliefs about range-anxiety and efficiency that have repeatedly debunked are commonplace among policymakers. Many countries are urging drivers move to electric vehicles, implementing local rebate programs and incentives as well as taxing negative externalities such as CO2 emissions that are not well handled by market forces. This science-backed approach is a refreshing change to the typical decision-making process for lawmakers. In this case, there have been many studies that show how electric vehicles help the environment when compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts. Furthermore, the electric grid is improving, lowering both the cost and environmental impact of EVs.



There are many benefits other than the environmental impact that these cars assist with. Maintenance costs are virtually non-existent, improvements are continually being made to the safety of these vehicles (Teslas receive the highest crash test safety ratings of any cars), and, because they are quieter,  Electric Cars help reduce ambient noise in the air, which improves quality of life in areas of cities that are close to roads and highways. 


Our fleet of vehicles is all-electric, and all are all Teslas. Contact our team to book a trip today and experience why driving electric is the best experience for you, and for the planet.




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