New Year, New World, Same Goal - Welcome to the Future of Transportation

By Anonymous ; Posted Jan 01, 2018

InOrbis means 'One World' in Latin. From the beginning, my goal for InOrbis was to help change the way people travel, making it a better experience not just for the rider, but for the whole world. 


City-to-city travel in Canada is a tough nut to crack for any company. With almost an entire square km of land per person, we have the most space between us of almost any country on earth and one of the lowest population densities to boot. High-speed rail is a great option where populations are densely packed and public transit allows travellers to easily navigate within cities. While the government of Alberta investigated a high-speed rail network on the Calgary-Edmonton corridor in 2008, they ultimately found that the sparsely distributed population and relatively inflexible public transit networks in major Alberta city centres would make a high-speed rail line an expensive and under-utilized endeavour. 

While we are still several years away from having a functional supersonic Hyperloop system for city-to-city travel, there is a technology that has been largely ignored in Alberta and could help save drivers' time, lives and money - EVs. As of January 1, 2018, Alberta's Carbon tax has now increased by 50% from 20 cents per tonne of CO2 emitted to 30 cents per tonne of CO2 emitted, making it even more expensive to fill up the car with gas or to fly. Despite this increase, Albertans still aren't moving over to their own EVs.

Of course, it takes time to transition to new technologies, but one of the best ways to make this change is to try it out for yourself. Book your next trip to the airport with our all new In-City Service, or travel in style between Calgary and Edmonton with InOrbis Intercity - Premiere.


Try it out! When you do, we know you'll never want to drive yourself again.


Happy New Year from all of us at InOrbis Intercity! Travel with us and help make 2018 the most sustainable year ever!


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