What US$1000 (almost) Tesla Share Price Means

By Cylinea Corporation; Posted Feb 10, 2020

I’m really excited today because Tesla share price is skyrocketing and it has been for the last few days it almost $930. I remember there was a point in 2019 where Tesla’s share price was under $200 US. This is really exciting for a number of reasons:

Firstly, because InOrbis uses exclusively Teslas and this type of traction brings us a lot of attention. Secondly, it is because I’ve been an avid Tesla supporter for almost a decade now and it just makes me really excited that they’re finally getting the recognition that they deserve. I am a bit nervous that this multiple doubling of the Tesla share price may be short-lived, given that these type of price spikes could be followed by a correction if sentiment reverses. I am optimistic, however that Tesla can become the largest automaker in the world. In other news, today there was an article released about Tesla probably going to be launching their ridesharing app potentially this year, which is very exciting. I am very hopeful that InOrbis can be a part of this. We are paving the way for a electric ride share service within Canada and hopefully within the United States. I hope Elon or someone from Tesla would be able to see that and wants us involved with their team, because we’d be more than happy to work with them. (If anyone has a contact who’s working on the Tesla rideshare service within Tesla and willing to connect us with them, PLEASE do so!) We would love to talk to their group and share experience. If they are at all interested in working with us or even taking some of our knowledge and passing it on even if it’s for free then we’re happy to do that as well.




As the CEO of a company, my goal is to make sure that our business grows as much as possible but I also understand that if we are able to create this technology or help in the creation of the technology, then that’s a good sign for the future of electric and autonomous vehicles and we’re excited to be part of it regardless of whether it’s under the InOrbis brand name or within Tesla or within another automaker another company.

In summation I’m incredibly excited that this is happening and where our company is getting a lot of attention right now, because of Tesla’s rise to prominence and their soaring share price. I am really excited for what this means for us and for customers and for the future of ridesharing, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.


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