Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rosario is an electrical engineer who is passionate about driving the development of sustainable technologies and autonomous vehicles.

As an MBA student at the University of Calgary, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Rosario developed the idea for InOrbis Intercity and has built it into a rapidly growing business.

Rosario's goal for InOrbis is to make intercity travel a more luxurious, affordable and environmentally sustainable experience.


Chief Information Technology Officer

Mark is a Mechanical engineer whose career has focused on the development of new technologies for sustainable energy development.

After spending several years working on Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Mark realized that battery technology had reached a point where it could be used effectively in Electric Vehicles.

Mark's role with InOrbis is managing a team of developers and marketers to create a sustainable business while ensuring that our technology and mission are always cutting edge and efficiently implemented.

RJ Pavic

Business Development Lead

RJ joined the InOrbis team because the company combines innovation with financial, social, and environmental sustainability.

His experience in marketing, management, logistics, and analytics make him an asset for the team.

Working in industries including energy, wholesale, and retail - as a part of both multinational corporations and local businesses has given RJ the foundation to lead business development for InOrbis Intercity.


Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Bridget Brown is a Calgary-based writer. She runs Create That Communications, a marketing agency specializing in compelling storytelling.

Bridget is an award-winning former broadcaster; she spent 15 years reporting and producing for stations across Canada.


UX & Web Design Lead

Gabe is InOrbis' UX designer. His designs reflect the personality and passion that InOrbis brings to the table.


Software Development & Machine Learning

Jeremy is responsible for implementing the software solutions that drive InOrbis, including database management, front-end logic programming for our online booking systems and our customer data analytics solutions.

Jeremy is also advancing InOrbis’ core technologies by applying machine learning and deep neural networks in multiple applications across the company.


Development & Software Strategy
Advisory Board

Patricia is an experienced Software Development Professional specializing in Software Architecture, Design, Development and Implementation.

She provides InOrbis with insight for our innovative software requirements involving our booking system, Tesla Vehicle interface and driver location status.

With confidence in the long-term viability of InOrbis, Patricia has also become a key financial investor in the company.